The Family

In September of 2000 The Man and I began our journey of homebuying and child-rearing.  We met in 1999, when I was a mere 19 and The Man was 29.  He was in the Army, so the stresses of deployments and training became a regular part of our relationship immediately.  But we endured, moved alot, and had two boys, Kid One and Kid Two (their ranking having nothing to do with who's my favorite, but with their birth order).  We're also the proud suckers of The Dog: a chow/retriever mix rescued from the Humane Society.  We are now settled in our state of choice and can both (happily) say that we are only one more move away from being in the house we will live in for the rest of our lives.  In the meantime, I get wreak havoc on the ranch home.

I spent 10 years working in the big wide world, mostly with non-profits.  In 2007 I began the adventure that can only be appreciated by another Stay At Home Mom.  I was surprised to find that the world of playdates is infinitely more complex than Board Meetings: getting five moms and their respective broods in one place at the same time is a logistical ballet that requires more work than most operas.