Come on Home Depot, light my fire.

I don't know if it's because I'm schizophrenic (okay, I'm not) or because I'm inherently awesome, but sometimes even I'm amazed at my ability to adapt.  Call it bragging, I call it design evolution.  But sometimes I like to devolve, too, so it works out somehow.  What I'm trying to get at is that after years of owning "traditional" homes that call for frillier lighting, I've been sucked into the world of modern design.  Hopefully someone far more schooled in design will see this site and tell me if I'm screwing it all up.  So far so good though, yeah?  What I really like about this particular piece of lighting is that it has uplighting, too, so that light works into the eaves of the house, instead of showing off the driveway.


Nothing else needs to be said.  So shhh.

Details, details.

I'm really feelin' this lock set.  It's clean, classic, and contemporary.  And beats the pants off the lock set that's on there now.  The lockset on there now (that I don't have a picture of, but looks something like this and doesn't work well for alot of reasons.  One, it doesn't go with the lines and architecture of the house, and Two, it's brass.  I don't like brass.  It reminds me of tract homes from the 80's.  Just not my thang.

The big backyard.

Sometimes big old trees just don't quite cut it.  This one is a prime example--they need quite a bit of pruning to keep from looking scraggly, and it does nothing for the backyard.  But if you're fearing that I'm going to be clear-cutting, relax:  Check out this and this.  Oh, and this and this.  Along the fence you'll be finding these.  Are we feeling each other?