The Ticktock Man.

(can you guess what book I borrowed that from?)

I really dig Etsy for a few reasons: 1.  You can find things lurking in there that you would never, ever, ever in a million years find in a big box store.  Not that I don't love big stores (Hi, IKEA!) for awesome essentials, but c'mon--would you find something like this anywhere else?  Probably not.  I dare you.  And 2.  You get to support artists.  I love doing crap like that.

The artist has another clock that I have my eye one.  I'm hopeful that she'll make 3 more so I can put them all on my wall.

Carpet.  And the winning paint color. 

Here's the color of carpeting I'm lobbying to have installed in the living room.  The current carpet is some sort of mid-priced industrial grade carpet that does nothing for the room. 

Muchos gracias to the reader that suggested this paint color and accent details!  I put it on my freebie account at so's you could see them.  Apparently (unless I'm missing something), they don't let you copy to your computer anymore. 

The Living Room

(editors note: not our furniture)

This is the living room.  It's situated on the back of the house and accessed through the kitchen.  To the left of the picture is a sliding glass door flanked by two narrow windows.  The current carpet looks like it was blue at one point during its life, but will be getting replaced with something--I have to think about it.  The trim in this room will be getting repainted, and the behemoth in the corner there will be vanishing, too.  And those curtains from 1993.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is this:  Hop over to Behr and whip me up a color palette.  It won't take long--15 minutes, tops, and I'm really interested to see what you come up with.    My only requirement is that the trim color be a crisp white.  Ready?  Set.  Go!