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We interrupt this program...

I'm so sorry, Weebly people: I can't take it anymore.  If I encounter one more "oops" while I'm trying to do something and lose my whole post I might just lose other things that are near and dear to me--like my mind.

Stay tuned, folks!  I'll be in and out of here while I move all this stuff over to somewhere less "oops" prone.

If you can't grow it, put it on the wall

I'm not really a wallpaper kinda gal.  It isn't that I don't think it's pretty, comes in a plethora of designs, a multitude of paper types, and so forth--it's that I have kids and kids can do ungodly amounts of damage to walls.  So while looking around I came across this site and fell in love.  Unfortunately I found the site about a month before we moved halfway across the country and rented the carboard box we currently occupy.  So no reason to buy any of their awesome stuff.  But I'm in luck, since we're closing on the new house in mid-January!  Since we're moving into the house in March that gives me plenty of time to plot my course.  I think I'll start here

Cyclamen is such a beautiful flower.  I had one once, sitting on my kitchen table and it was dead within a week.  I still feel guilty.

Happy Holidays, y'all!

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you is having a magical, wonderful holiday season! 

On Monday I'll be posting Amanda's design redo.  Hopefully she'll walk away with some fun ideas easily obtainable on her  budget of $400!  Stay tuned!


Hit me with your best shot!

I'm feeling a little unchallenged lately.  If anyone is up for it (and it's free, so who wouldn't be?) send me a pic of any room in your house, a proposed "budget" (remember, this is all pretend!), and I'll come up with not one, but TWO! alternate versions of said room.  How freakin' awesome is that?

I'll take the first person that sends me their room pic.  Ready?  Set.  GO!

Now?  Are we there yet?

Is it March yet?  No?  How 'bout now?  Now?  No?  Dang it!

I am practically jumping out of my skin waiting to get into the new house and begin its transformation! 

Speaking of design ideas, no doubt you've noticed the full-on crappy collages I've come up with for the various rooms in the new house.  They've courtesy of polyvore.com.  I'm still trying to figure out the process by which these folks named their website, since (thank you Freshman Latin class) it means "many eater".  There's nothing on there that suggests food.  Oh wait: I get it.  Oh wait.  No, I don't.  Nevermind.

Gift wrap corkboard

(for all the awesome Christmas cards you're dying to display)

Fun (and easy on the wallet)!

The hard part about having to work on your technological awesomeness a piece at a time is that sometimes you can't download pictures from your camera to your laptop for whatever screwey reason.  Have no fear, though:  If you have an imagination (and I know you do!) you can do this all without pictures!

1.  Go to Target and buy a plain corkboard.

2.  Put it in your shopping cart and then head to the Christmas section.  Pick out some pretty wrapping paper.

3.  Head to the school supply section and go for the rubber cement and thumbtacks (and an exacto knife if you don't already have one).

At home, cut a rough square to the size of the corkboard.  Use the exacto knife to carefully trim away the excess paper.  Apply the rubber cement to the corkboard and lay the paper down, smoothing away any air bubbles that may have gotten trapped.  After your newest masterpiece has dried, hang it where you like, and tack up your Christmas cards

That much closer...

We'll be having all systems go mid-to late-January!  We're all very excited about things, though we haven't told the boys about everything just yet.  My oldest boy tends to get a pretty severe case of anxiety when faced with big change.  Most of it has to do with the fact that he's four and a half years old, so he's really beginning to understand what "change" encompasses.  Fortunately we won't be having to deal with the issue of school, as he isn't enrolled in Pre-K.  So he'll have plenty of time to get settled in to the new house and meet neighborhood friends before he's off to Kindergarten in the fall.

His brother is still too little to be bothered by such things--all Little Brother needs to know is that we'll be there with him. 

In the meantime a question for you:  What is your all-time favorite home find?  Is it a groovy bowl from Target?  A swanky lamp from Pottery Barn?  A Eames chair found on a garbage heap? 

In the Beginning...

In the coming weeks the transformation will begin on our newly acquired home.  It should prove to be an interesting journey, since I've never owned a ranch home before.  I've had a townhome and a circa 1952 Cape Cod, though.  In the meantime, I sit and fester, gnashing my teeth and cracking my knuckles, in the house we're renting. 

We have alot of work to do.  Most of it is cosmetic, with the exception of the bathrooms: that will very definitely be structural and that ball will be in The Man's court.