The Master Bedroom

Visualize your room.  Light it first.

The most important element of any room is always the lighting.  You could have the most perfectly appointed room in the city, but if it isn't lit correctly (note: a single lightsource located in the center of the room never counts as good lighting) it won't look at all like it could.  Or should.  Enter the chandelier.  This one is gorgeous, proportionate to the room in question, and from here.  


Then pick your shade.  Then go two shades lighter.

(Unless you have a flawless eye for color.)


See that color palette?  Those are the colors that are going to be in the Master Bedroom.  The large block of color is representative of the walls; the bottom color is the trim (existing and what will be the new crown moulding), which looks much less crisp and clean than it does in person.  The blue and green will exist in the curtains and duvet.  Skip on over here and give their Color Smart plug-in a whirl.  Remember that you don't have to use it exclusively for paint color--think about the colors in the textiles you'd like to bring into the room.

The thing about houses is this: from every room in the house, you can see another room from the doorway.  And if you have a smaller home you run the rist of overwhelming your space with extra noise.  This isn't to say that you're not allowed to have a colorful house--you'll just have to color it in smaller, more measured doses.